Lemuria Calling


le Enchanteur waits at the House of the Serpents with her faithful serpent Selena
by  Heather Blakey

Writing Breathes Life into Lemuria

My face is set.

I go to make my destiny.

May many another youth be by me inspired to leave the snug safety of his rut,

and follow fortune to other lands.”

“God, how the wild calls to me.

There can be no other life for me but that of the lone wanderer.

It has an irresistible fascination.

The lone trail is the best for me.”

Verse by Everett Ruess

Writing provides me with a safe vehicle to trek within a new world and create my destiny with just a pen.

Writing has enabled me, during difficult personal times, to respond to the call of the wild, pack my bag and find sanctuary in Lemuria, a parallel world peopled by fascinating characters.

Writing permits me to step through portals, often drawn in chalk, into the allegorical world of Lemuria where, like Don Quixote, I forever wander the labyrinthine roads, painting this world on the canvas of blank pages, meeting new aspects of myself.

Writing has shown me who I am.

Through writing I have come to know the myth that guides me and met my alter egos, the most legendary being le Enchanteur, a vibrant Enchantress who leads expeditions into remote parts of Lemuria. At le Enchanteur’s insistence I have used my pen to communicate with others, enticed them into her web, lured them to share the Lemurian experience, to walk the Serpentine Road with their inner donkey, sail on a virtual cruise ship and find the lost feminine on the Lemurian island of the Lost Lenore.

Over the years we have populated the Abbey, worked with Sibyl Riversleigh at Riversleigh Manor, visited the Hermitage, partied on Rainbow Beach, wandered the Murmuring Woods, met the women of Mudgimba who make tapestries of our lives, visited the House of the Serpents, clambered high into the mountain tops to be at one with the spirit of the Kerith Volcano and explored subterranean worlds people by dream masters.

Writing has introduced me to wonderful creative people and places and Lemuria is a space where we can work collaboratively, collectively build an artists Eden. As a result of this work the Soul Food Café vaults are filled with material that has been created within Lemuria.

Visit and read the writing, examine the art work and you will understand the addictive quality of a world made real by ‘the word’.

by Heather Blakey


Responding to the call of the wild
by Heather Blakey

Lemurian Cosmos

A Portal to Lemuria
by Heather Blakey 2005


Heather Blakey is an artistic midwife who works with artists and writers to assist in the delivery of their artistic hopes and dreams and to ensure that their creative projects are nourished and presented to a wide range of audiences. She runs the Soul Food Café, a portal for artists and writers alike. It is a safe haven where creativity flourishes. Soul Food Cafè aims to promote creative pursuits as a daily practice.

At the Soul Food Cafe, within the sanctuary that Lemuria affords, Heather Blakey has quite literally built a target specific, interactive community for people who want to practice the Soul Food Way, make writing and art a daily practice and carve an Eden for themselves.

Soul Food now has artists, writers, journalists, photographers, scientists, archaelogists, storytellers, illustrators, musicians living in residence. The Soul Food Cafe has long ceased to be a static webside and provides very real mechanisms for working collaboratively in a creative, online environment.

Lemuria, as it has come to be known at the Soul Food Cafe, is a representative of soul work by Heather Blakey. Any replications of this specific concept represents a breach of copyright and will be acted upon immediately.